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Happy Trees Services


Happy Trees is a professional tree service company based in Spring, Tx. We serve the commercial and residential clients in the Spring , The Woodlands, Conroe and surrounding areas. Our priority is to provide the highest quality tree service in a professional and safely manner. Our tree doctors are committed to help take care of your trees and ensure your property remains beautiful and healthy.



Motto: “We make one tree happy at a time” How? When getting a trimmed or pruning by an arborist “tree doctor” will help your trees flourish and promote a healthy growth. 


Our ISA certified arborists “tree doctors” will ensure the health of your trees. We handle tree diseases and insects to soil care and root protection, every aspect will be inspected by our tree doctors to create a treatment plan to solve any issues.


Trees need routine checkups to keep them healthy, and having them monitored and assessed by our tree doctors can make all the difference.


Safety is our passion and biggest responsibility! 





Happy Trees advises you homeowner to prepare in advance your trees “before” hurricane season. Its never too late to undertake this task and help safeguard your family and home from severe weather. Don’t be reactive to the weather, be proactive and have your trees professionally trimmed while weather conditions allow it.

Happy Trees provides the following to prepare before disaster:

*secure trees with cabling and/or bracing- its important to protect younger, more vulnerable trees with cabling and/or bracing to prevent total tree loss when severe weather occurs.

*pruning trees: removing weak limbs, dead branches, or damage limbs, these can turned into dangerous objects that can cause serious damage to your home or vehicle.



Happy Trees is pleased to offer a full range of professional, sage and efficient tree care services for all residential and commercial properties across Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and surrounding areas. Our team of certified ISA arborist understands all facets of tree care and health, and strives to ensure your trees are in good health so they can withstand for many years and severe weather.


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