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Maintenance Programs

Tree protection planning and tree healthcare programs enable home and business owners to safeguard the trees on their property preceding development, construction and remodeling activities, and have a long-term, comprehensive healthcare plan in place for the trees. 

Why Get A Protection Plan For Your Property?

The experts at Happy Tree Services are experienced at creating a tree protection plan to preserve the health of existing trees on a property during construction activity. Having a tree protection plan in place preceding development and construction may be required by your municipality. Even if it is not required, a tree protection plan will prevent damage from construction that can be fatal to both new, growing and mature trees on your property. Also, besides the fact that mature trees damaged and destroyed during the construction process are heavy asset losses to your property, it is expensive to cut down, remove, grind the stump and level the ground. A loss of a tree can decrease your property value and raise your energy costs because of shade loss.


What Can Happen Without A Protection Plan?

  • Damage to important root zone areas, which often extends beyond the visible canopy.

  • Compaction of soil that can lead to root damage.

  • Damage to tree trunks by careless use of heavy equipment, vehicles and hand tools.

  • Damage to branches from heavy equipment and vehicles repeatedly brushing against and running into the canopy

Tree Protection Planning/ Healthcare Programs

Our process for creating a tree protection plan and tree healthcare program is to evaluate the population of trees on your property, assess risks and discuss the best course of action with you. We implement the tree protection plan by preparing and protecting the trees prior to construction. We take actions such as installing barrier fences around trees, canopies and important root zones, installing caution signage, pruning roots to prevent having them pulled and ripped during construction and preemptively mitigating the effects of soil compaction. The final step we perform is to monitor the health of the trees in the construction zone after development has been completed and provide care to restore full health to the trees.

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